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When it comes to maintaining your vitality there's no site better than ShopVita.  We're experts in sourcing the right brands that will help you make the biggest impact on your life and goals.  

Our Products

H2 Thermal - Bottle

Hair Repair Formula

10 Mushroom Complex - Bottle

This supplement not only helps bolster your immune system and brain health, but also gives a natural energy boost as well.

RevitaShape - 1 Tube

Cellulite is an issue that troubles many women, regardless of size or body type. RevitaShape aims to combat this issue with its blend of powerful peptide compounds and well-known, natural ingredients which nourish the skin to help improve its appearance.

Aquallure - 1 month supply

If you suffer from dry skin, you need the intense moisture infusion; a moisturizing cream like Aquallure is right for you.

Garcinia Max - 1 Bottle

Garcinia Max is designed to block citrate lyase, an enzyme used by the body to store fat

ZenLuxe PM - 1 Box

The natural ingredients in ZenLuxe PM are scientifically proven to help induce sleep far more quickly, assist the sleeping process in restoring cognitive function, and maintain continual sleep throughout the night.

HerFitShape Tea - 1 Month

Weight management tea

Alpranax Travel Pack - 3 Day Supply

It's very important to be able to take your favorite products with you when they travel; to feel comfortable and to stick to your routine.

Alpranax - 1 Bottle (Subscribe & Save)

Alpranax is a fully natural herbal supplement engineered to soothe stress and unchain you from its detrimental effects. By selecting the Subscribe & Save option, you authorize Shopvita to charge the credit card you've provided $79.95 (a 15% discount off retail price) and ship a new supply every 30 days until otherwise canceled. You may cancel at anytime by calling 1-866-440-0912.

Visible Science Argan Oil - Bottle

Our blend of light, dry oils helps prevent greasiness, oiliness and limp lifeless strands.

Nitro XL - 1 Bottle

NitroXL boosts your workout with a scientifically designed formula which is a very important compound in the body, influencing many factors of overall health and fitness and playing an important role in blood circulation.

Ultimate ACV - 1 Month Supply

Ultimate ACV combines apple cider vinegar with a blend of other health-promoting ingredients, to ensure you stay in top shape.

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